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Bodyshop work

I can be hired to help handle sublet hail repairs, with an extensive knowledge and respect of how SGI operates together we can process claims seamlessly and have happy customers in a timely manner.

Dent Repair

 From a runaway shopping cart to that sound of your kid opening your car door a little too fast I can help you with whatever minor dents you may have in your ride. The cheaper repair isn’t always the better repair.

Dealership Work

Got some used units that you want cleaned up before someone comes to buy it? I am your guy, with lots of experience working on car lots I am always up to hash out a deal to make your units looking cleaned up before those sales.

Scratch Removal & Polishing

A good rule of thumb is if you can catch the edge of the scratch with your fingernail there is a good chance it won’t “buff out” but if you want someone with experience with this sort of thing give me a call & I will see what I can do to either wet sand, polish or dab in minor knicks.

Leather & Plastic Restoration

Has your leather started to fade from the dreaded sun? Not to worry, with this Leather Restoration package, get your vehicle back to that glossed leather feeling without the artificial scents. Sun also taken the color out of your black plastic parts leaving them faded? Ask about the Full Restoration package.

Ceramic Coating

Want that glossed look to have your ride shining and protected from salt and the elements? Consider having a ceramic coating applied to the exterior, after a clay bar bath have a protective and shiny coating applied that will have the water beading off in the wind.

Call, text or email us today for you’re free remote estimate.

Our Story

My journey into paintless dent repair started in 1996 when I was about 7 years old, as my Father began to learn how to fix vehicle dents. With that I remember him pointing out door dents walking through the parking lots saying “I fix those dents son”. From there it took awhile before I started fixing dents, I started helping my brother on weekends off from my job and taking vacation days to go down and help him in Swift Current.

Learning how to take the car apart properly to access the panels is a big part of what we do and having that R&I knowledge has helped me excel over the years. Things developed with my brother and I started working with him fulltime in 2011, which included turning down a promotion with the City of Saskatoon that would help out my family situation. Fast forward to where we are now and my Father is thinking about retirement, so I focus on working with him and helping out where I can which includes giving free estimates and potentially traveling to you and your dents.

Luke goes above and beyond, He is very magical with working out dents that I thought would never come out. Have worked with other PDR guys and have not found anyone that compares to the quality of work Northern provides.
Working Hard

Just took in our 2018 Honda CRV for some dent repair and they did an amazing job. I thought at first I had to go and get it replaced and painted! but after seeing the job they did I was so impressed I couldn’t even see where the dents were.

Sheldon Golding

Unreal job. Very kind and very welcoming. Very much appreciated.

Jesse Evanishen

Luke did pre paint dent repair on an old car project I am doing. The car had lots of dings and dents and he did a great job. The car looks straight now and will save me a ton of body work. He came right to my shop and did the work there so I didn’t need to bring the car into somewhere else which was nice.

Jon Q

I brought my vehicle in last month to get a dent repaired and Luke did a fantastic job. You can’t…
Kristian Okereke

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